Miller LaPoint Construction Elevates Quality Corporate Interior Construction in Houston

Webster’s dictionary defines quality as a degree of excellence. At Miller LaPoint Construction (MLC), we define quality as a notch above excellence.

Quality is our baseline at MLC. We specialize in quality corporate interior construction; building beautiful, functional, corporate class A interior spaces, from high-end law firms and financial institutions to high-profile energy HQs. We love great specialty projects, too; whether it’s unique ground-up construction, a customized retail space, or an innovative tech build.

5 Ways We Elevate Quality Corporate Interior Construction Standards

MLC is the answer for quality-minded clients, brokers, architects, and engineers in Houston, Texas. Here are some of the ways we elevate corporate interior construction standards a notch above excellence:

  • Elevating Quality Finishes
  • Elevating Quality Partners
  • Elevating Quality Procedures
  • Elevating Quality Transparency/Accountability
  • Elevating Quality Communication

Elevating Quality Finishes. Interior finishes are what transform your standard building into a class A space. Building standard isn’t an option for you, or for MLC. These are some of the finishes we attend to and architects agree they’re worth your attention too.

Elevating Quality Partnerships. MLC is the team you want to partner with and make no mistake – we are your partners. Your trusted partners with over 300 years of combined experience. Our project staff is efficient and effective; from RFPs, through pre-construction and procurement, and into cost management. Our crews are nimble. We provide minimal intrusion upon your environment. Our superintendents are experienced with everything from remodels and first-generation build-outs to ground-up construction. Our estimators are project managers and you can trust us to partner with the highest quality, most dependable subcontractors.

Elevating Quality Processes and Procedures. From permit procurement to closeout, we have the best people putting years of experience to work for you, driving your schedule and meeting your deadlines. We know your problems because we’ve had your problems. That’s why we’re committed to being your solution. Not just any solution. A better solution. A bespoke boutique experience, tailored to your needs. Your schedule is our schedule. And your deadlines? You guessed it.

Elevating Quality Transparency/Accountability. We’re big on trust. It’s the cornerstone of our business, and daily reporting practices provide the transparency you need to trust us with your projects. We’re big on safety too – it’s paramount. When it comes to safety, we’re accountable to you and to our team. Miller LaPoint Construction ensures that Job Safety Analysis (JSA) happens twice daily. Project-wide Safety Meetings – mandatory attendance required – happen weekly. Did we mention safety is paramount on our projects? We also hold weekly Tool Box Talks and perform regular on-site safety audits and inspections.

Elevating Quality Communication. We know communication is an important part of successful professional relationships. We communicate with our team. That means weekly meetings with both our project staff and our subcontractors. We communicate with you. We keep you up-to-date with daily reporting and weekly project updates, including with our executive leadership team.

Quality is one of our core values, and we don’t take it lightly. Elevating quality is our mission. We do that by taking it a notch above excellence; with the finest materials, partners, procedures, transparency, and communication.
MLC knows how to build. We’re dedicated to partnering with clients, brokers, architects, and engineers to construct quality corporate interior projects. And we’re dedicated to elevating the quality on your project throughout its entire lifecycle.

Contact us. We’ll elevate the quality of your interior corporate construction experience and take it a notch above excellence.

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